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Short Title Catalogue Flanders (STCV) | Dossierpagina | 06-03-2012

Logo Short Title Catalogus VlaanderenSince 2000, the Short Title Catalogue Flanders (STCV: Short Title Catalogus Vlaanderen) project is developing an online database with extensive bibliographical descriptions of editions printed in Flanders before 1801. The database contains more than 25,000 descriptions (1 May 2019), based on more than 48,250 copies from various important heritage collections, mainly in Flanders, Belgium.

A brochure in English provides basic information about the database. An extensive project description is available in Dutch.

Our Facebook page provides summary updates about the project in English.

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Studiedag 'Understanding and caring for bookbindings' | Agendabericht | 05-07-2011


Bibliothecarissen en archivarissen die willen weten welke soorten boekbanden er in hun collectie voorhanden zijn, trekken best naar de studiedag Understanding and caring for bookbindings. Deze studiedag biedt niet alleen informatie over de uiteenlopende  boekband-types. Er wordt ook begeleiding gegeven in het behandelen en beschrijven van boekbanden en in het selecteren van de geschikte bewaringstechnieken. Daarnaast krijgen deelnemers een overzicht van de geschiedenis van de Westerse boekbanden met voorbeelden uit de collecties van de British Library.

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Short Title Catalogue Flanders (STCV) | Databank | 02-07-2010

The Bibliography of the Hand Print Book in Flanders and Brussels. Short Title Catalogue Flanders | Documentatie | 24-01-2012

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Leaflet about the Short Title Catalogue Flanders (STCV).


Beautiful Bookbindings - A Thousand Years of the Bookbinder's Art | Documentatie | 16-06-2011

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Marks, P. J. M. Beautiful Bookbindings - A Thousand Years of the Bookbinder's Art. London/New Castle: British Library/Oak Knoll Press , 2011.

From exquisite medieval bookbindings made of precious metals and jewels to the unique and highly imaginative creations of contemporary bookbinders, this book celebrates over 100 of the most beautiful bookbindings of the last 1000 years. Fully illustrated in colour, with specially commissioned studio photography, this book provides a visual...


Call for Papers 'Book Design from the Middle Ages to the Future Traditions and Evolutions' | Nieuwsbericht | 06-01-2011

Oude, gedrukte en elektronische uitgave

The objective of the international congress Book Design from the Middle Ages to the Future Traditions and Evolutions is to explore traditions and innovations in book design and typography from the manuscript era to the age of the electronic book.

The following questions will be addressed: How did the design of books evolve during the Middle Ages, the early modern period and beyond?

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Repertoire des fonds de livres anciens en Belgique = Repertorium van het oude boekenbezit in België | Documentatie | 25-01-2011

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Daems, Inge en Carine Van Tuycom. Repertoire des fonds de livres anciens en Belgique = Repertorium van het oude boekenbezit in België in: Éditions universitaires de Mons: répertoires. Vol. 1. Mons: Université de Mons & Archief- en Documentatiecentrum van de provincie Limburg, 1989.

Van Aalst tot Zottegem blijken er ongeveer 432 instellingen in België te zijn met oude boeken. Het aantal collecties is wat minder dan de doorgenummerde 432 omdat tweetalige instellingen dubbel opgenomen zijn onder respectievelijk Brussel en Bruxelles. De beschrijvingen bestaan uit naam, adres en telefoonnummer, gegevens over openingstijden,...


The Book of Books. 500 Years of Graphic Innovation | Documentatie | 30-07-2012

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The Book of Books. 500 Years of Graphic Innovation, red. Matieu Lommen. London: Thames & Hudson, 2012.

The book has been the number one information carrier for many centuries, even in the digital age, books continue to sell and continue to be objects of desire. The Book of Books describes and, above all, demonstrates the visual history of the printed book, with graphic milestones and other surprising finds drawn from the University of Amsterdam's...


Netherlandish Books. Books Published in the Low Countries and Dutch Books Printed Abroad before 1601 | Documentatie | 28-08-2012

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Netherlandish Books offers a unique overview of what was printed during the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries in the Low Countries. This bibliography lists descriptions of over 32,000 editions together with bibliographical references, an introduction and indexes. It draws on the analysis of collections situated in libraries throughout the world....


Miræus Lecture 'The British Country House Library' (Marc Purcell) | Agendabericht | 16-01-2013

Library of Blickling Hall

It is well known that great aristocratic houses all over Europe once contained magnificent libraries. What is less well known - at least in Continental Europe - is that many hundreds of these libraries still exist in historic houses all over England, Scotland and Wales. Over 300,000 books survive in more than 150 libraries and are in the care of the National Trust, despite the name not a government body, but a private charity established in the late nineteenth century. Others belong to smaller private foundations, and others still have remained in private ownership. read more