Seminarie 'The message of the Old Book in the New Environment'

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De Finnish Research Library Association organiseert in maart 2011 een internationaal seminarie in Parijs. De doelen van dit seminarie zijn als volgt:

  • Bring together specialists from libraries and archives, universities and research institutes, as well as from the printing and publishing industry to discuss current development projects and research on the old book
  • Explore the essence of the old book, the manuscript and the hand printed work, in the digital environment
  • Introduce and illustrate conceptual and data models developed for presenting the contents and cultural contexts of the old book to the present day reader
  • Strengthen the collaboration of  libraries and archives in devising conceptual and data models and to enhance standardization
  • Promote the co-operation of Finnish and French libraries in the research of the old book
  • Enrich the current discussion of the cultural context of the book by addressing issues, such as: Why may the present day reader be interested in the old book? How can the present day reader approach the old book?

Meer informatie vindt u op de website van de Finnish Research Library Association.

Aanvullende informatie 

Target Group: Librarians and archivists, book and library historians, art and cultural historians, publishers, students of information studies.

Language: The main language of the Seminar is English, but those who prefer French are welcome to use it.

Speakers: The speakers of the Seminar are distinguished French and Finnish as well as Anglo-Scandinavian specialists:

  • Matthieu Bonicel, Conservateur, Département des manuscrits, Bibliothèque Nationale de France
  • Øyvind Eide, Senior analyst, the Unit for Digital Documentation, University of Oslo
  • Sirkka Havu, Research Librarian, National Library of Finland
  • Dolores Iorizzo, Manager of Arts and Humanities,  London e-Science Centre and The Newton Project, Imperial College London
  • István Kecskeméti, R&D Manager, National Archives of Finland
  • Patrick Le Boeuf, Conservateur, Bibliothèque Nationale de France
  • Ville Marttila, Researcher, Department of the English Philology, University of Helsinki
  • Eeva Murtomaa, Librarian, National Library of Finland
  • Mika Nyman, Director, Synapse Computing Ltd
  • Jessica Parland-von Essen, R&D Manager of Information Services, The Society of Swedish Literature in Finland
  • Päivi Pekkarinen, Librarian, Helsinki University Library – Terkko
  • Matteo Romanello, PhD candidate (2009-2012) in Digital Humanities, Centre for Computing in the Humanities,  King’s College London
  • Marja Sakari, Director,  L’Institut Finlandais en France
  • Iris Schwanck, Director,  FILI  - Finnish Literature Exchange
18-03-2011 - 19-03-2011

L’Institut Finlandais en France – Centre Culturel de la Finlande à Paris
60, rue des Écoles, 75005 Paris

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  • David Coppoolse (Vlaamse Erfgoedbibliotheken)