Conferentie 'Safeguard of Cultural Heritage: A Challenge from the Past for the Europe of Tomorrow'

COST. European Cooperation in Science and Technology

Van 11 t.e.m. 13 juli 2011 vindt er een COST Strategic Workshop on Safeguard of Cultural Heritage plaats, in Florence.


Cultural Heritageis formed by all material and immaterial evidence of the cultural identity of a population. Within this definition, in Europe like in any other part of the world, many values determine a complex relationship between objects, symbols, personal and collective identities.

Both material and immaterial Cultural Heritage need to be preserved, and such patrimony needs to be transmitted to the future. To such purpose Science and Technology, in all their branches, can play a crucial role for helping the conservation of both material and immaterial assets, understanding material degradation, developing products and techniques for preservation.


The COST workshop aims are:

  • To highlight the scientific research being carried out in Europe in the field of Cultural Heritage;
  • To present results and ongoing activities of COST Actions dealing with Cultural Heritage;
  • To suggest strategic guidelines along which future research topics in the field of Cultural Heritage that are likely to develop and should be focused on.

Key topics

  • The Human Dimension in Cultural Heritage
  • Science for Conservation of Cultural Heritage
  • Technology and ICT Applied to Cultural Heritage
  • Societal Function of Cultural Heritage

Meer informatie vindt u op de website van COST.

11-07-2011 - 13-07-2011
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  • David Coppoolse (Vlaamse Erfgoedbibliotheken)