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Op 4 en 5 oktober 2011 vindt in Wenen EuropeanaTech plaats, de slot-conferentie plaats van het project EuropeanaConnect.

EuropeanaTech will explore technical challenges of making digital cultural and scientific information attractive and easily accessible for the public. An important goal of this conference is to build the community of technical and scientific experts in the field. At the core of the conference are interaction, demonstration and the exchange of experiences.

The main strands of the conference will be:

  • Open Source
  • Open Data
  • Aggregation and (Meta-) Data Quality
  • Explore and Discover
  • Distributed Community Empowerment
  • Hackathon

The EuropeanaTech conference is open to all information professionals, application developers, technology researchers and decision makers in the cultural domain. It will showcase services and activities that are best examples of an open Digital Culture and will bring together the software development community with cultural domain professionals, to strengthen networks and establish future collaboration.

Meer informatie vindt u op de website van EuropeanaConnect.

Aanvullende informatie 

EuropeanaConnect is a Best Practice Network funded by the European Commission within the area of Digital Libraries of the eContentplus Programme.

Its overall objective is to deliver core components which are essential for the realisation of Europeana, the European Digital Library as a truly interoperable, multilingual and user-oriented service for all European citizens. EuropeanaConnect will also add the music dimension to Europeana by aggregating a critical mass of audio content.

Europeana provides integrated access to digital resources from museums, archives, audio-visual archives and libraries of Europe.

04-10-2011 - 05-10-2011

Austrian National Library, Vienna

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  • 06-06-2011
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  • David Coppoolse (Vlaamse Erfgoedbibliotheken)