Conferentie 'Crosscurrents in Illustrated Religious Texts in the North of Europe, 1500-1800'

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Ter afsluiting van het Nederlands-Vlaamse onderzoeksproject 'The Religious Emblem Tradition in the Low Countries' organiseren de Unversiteit Utrecht en de KULeuven een conferentie getiteld 'Crosscurrents in Illustrated Religious Texts in the North of Europe, 1500-1800'. De conferentie gaat door in het Academiegebouw van de Universiteit Utrecht op 12 en 13 januari 2012.


Central question is how various reformatory movements gave a new impetus to the production, diffusion and reception of visual culture in both Catholic and Protestant milieus in the centuries after the Reformation. How can we understand early modern religious culture from the perspective of the production of illustrated religious texts, in which people were able to cross confessional boundaries and to mingle the literary and artistic traditions which constituted these boundaries?

Keynote speakers

  • Mia Mochizuki (Berkeley)
  • Alexandra Walsham (Cambridge)
  • Lee Palmer Wandel (Wisconsin)
  • Walter Melion (Emory)
  • Ralph Dekoninck and Agnès Guiderdoni-Bruslé (Louvain-la-Neuve)

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12-01-2012 - 13-01-2012
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  • Sam Capiau (Vlaamse Erfgoedbibliotheek)