Mass Deacidification Annotated Bibliography 1990-2010

TitelMass Deacidification Annotated Bibliography 1990-2010
AuteursAdams, Jeanette
InstituutLibrary of Congress
SamenvattingMass deacidification has become one cost-effective preservation option for large collections. It is used to neutralize acids and leave a reserve of alkalinity that continues to absorb acids either formed as the paper ages or as deposited from acidic pollutant gases such as sulfur dioxide (S02) and nitrogen oxides (NOx). Modern commercial mass deacidification processes deposit the alkaline reserve using a variety of processes including aerosols for books, aqueous immersion for newspapers, and non-aqueous solvent immersion for books and manuscripts. In addition to providing references specific to mass deacidification, this bibliography also provides background references that are useful for understanding the physicochemical properties of paper, methods for testing paper properties, and the fundamental chemistry of mass deacidification. References that were used during the critical review of the mass deacidification literature are also included and may predate the earlier Bibliography on Mass Deacidification. Each annotation begins with a description of the authors' credentials and concludes with a statement regarding whether or not the article was published in a journal that uses a fully anonymous peer review process as ascertained from information on the publishers' websites.
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  • 09-03-2011