Europeana Aggregators’ Handbook

TitelEuropeana Aggregators’ Handbook
Editie1 May 2010
Aantal pagina's22
Uitgever[Europeana Foundation]
Plaats[The Hague]
SamenvattingCultural content aggregators which are active on the European or national levels are of high importance to the development and sustainability of Europeana. From its start Europeana has received significant support from the European Commission and a warm welcome from users worldwide. This has enabled Europeana to become a major catalyst for improving access to Europe’s digitised cultural heritage. There are many benefits for aggregators to collaborate with Europeana. The overall aim of the handbook is to provide sufficient information to aggregators that wish to submit data to Europeana and become sustainable partners of the service. The handbook first addresses the role of aggregators in the Europeana organisational model. The following sections describe the technical, organisational and financial requirements for the submission of data to Europeana. Finally, the handbook lists a number of resources, which are useful for the overall development and sustainability of aggregators, for example the aggregators’ case studies and surveys. The content and issues included in the Handbook have been based on the feedback from aggregators participating in meetings and conferences held by Europeana
ToelichtingZie ook de sectie 'Provide Content' van de Europeana V1.0-website:
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