RSLP Collection Description. Collection Description Schema

TitleRSLP Collection Description. Collection Description Schema
Publication TypeStandaard/Richtlijn
Secondary AuthorsPowell, Andy
Call NumberVEB-DB-2806
Year of Publication2000
Date Published05-2000
AbstractThis document proposes a collection description schema, a structured set of metadata attributes, for describing collections. It is based on the article 'An Analytical Model of Collections and their Catalogues'. The schema presented here is intended to facilitate the simple description of Collections, Locations and related people or organisations (Agents). This includes: - descriptive attributes about the Collection, - descriptive attributes about the Location (or Locations), - identification and/or description of three related Agents, the Collector and Owner of the Collection and the Administrator of the Location, - external relationships - identification of other collections that are related to the collection being described.
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