Paper Conservation: Decisions & Compromises

TitlePaper Conservation: Decisions & Compromises
Publication TypeConferentiebijdrage
Year of Publication2013
AuthorsWatteeuw, Lieve, and Christa Hofmann
Conference NamePaper Conservation: Decisions & Compromises
Date Published04/2013
Conference LocationNationale Bibliotheek Oostenrijk, Wenen

The Interim Meeting of the Working Group Graphic Documents in Vienna (17 - 19 April 2013) on the theme Paper Conservation: Decision & Compromise, provides a forum for the broad spectrum of activities the professional community is developing. Ever increasing competences are demanded of paper-, library-, archive- and print conservators by, on the one hand, the challenges of digitalisation in the archive-, museum- and library- world, the global impact of changing cultural policies and economic constraints and, on the other hand, new research, new materials and new techniques. The publication of the extended abstracts of the 43 contributions to this Vienna Interim Meeting presents a fascinating overview of the current state of research, practice and progress in the field of paper, book and document conservation and preservation.

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  • 22-04-2013