Logo Guidelines and Files


  • Always place the colour logo (gray and red) on a light background, preferably white.
  • Use a white version of the logo with a dark background.
  • In black and white publications, use the black version of the logo (and not a converted version of the colour logo).
  • Apply a proper margin around the logo.
  • Use only versions of the logo provides by our organisation. Downloads for the colour and black versions of the logo can be found below.


The logo colour are:

  • Red
    • RGB: 240-81-51 (#f05113)
    • CMYK: 0-84-88-0
  • Gray
    • RGB: 113-106-102 (#716a66)
    • CMYK: 7-13-16-63

Correct Usage

In the below examples, our logo is applied correctly:

Voorbeelden correct gebruik logo Vlaamse Erfgoedbibliotheek vzw

Wrong Usage

Do not use our logo in any of the following ways:

Wrong usage of logo Flanders Heritage Library

For more information about the use of our logo, please contact us via info@vlaamse-erfgoedbibliotheek.

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