Unique Historical Newspapers and Books added to Belgian Union Catalogue

UniCat logo with screen of the STCV database

Many unique historical books and newspapers can now be found more easily by researchers and students, thanks to the inclusion of two bibliographical databases in UniCat, the Belgian union catalogue of research libraries. Abraham - Belgian Newspaper Cataloque and STCV - Bibliography of the Handprinted Book in Flanders contain titles from dozens of heritage institutions not previously included in UniCat.

Cultural heritage collections are not only found in research libraries. Many public libraries, religious institutes, municipal archives and local historical clubs care for collections of historical newspapers and books, some of them quite large. Using the Abraham and STCV databases, Flanders Heritage Library attempts to chart these collections as adequately as possible. Via UniCat, this heritage is made even more accessible.

The inclusion of the databases in UniCat is financed by Flanders Heritage Library. The Antwerp University Library took care of the technical aspects, in co-operation with the Danish firm SemperTool.

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  • 04-03-2014
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  • David Coppoolse (Vlaamse Erfgoedbibliotheken)