The ink corrosion website

TitleThe ink corrosion website
Publication TypeWebsite
Corporate AuthorsECPA, ICN, Nationaal Archief Den Haag, and Museum Boymans van Beuningen
PublisherEuropean Commission of Preservation and Access
Place PublishedAmsterdam
Year of Publications.a.
AbstractECPA is in 2008 opgeheven, deze website wordt niet langer bijgehouden, maar blijft voorlopig wel online. This website presents information on iron gall ink; its importance in (art)history; and its slow, self-destructing properties known as iron gall ink corrosion. The latter is a major threat to our cultural heritage and of concern to people throughout the world. This site was developed to inform collection keepers, conservators, scientists and any other interested parties of ongoing research on all aspects of iron gall ink corrosion.
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  • 06-07-2010