Exhibiting the written word

TitleExhibiting the written word
Publication TypeRapport
Year of Publication2011
AuthorsLoxley, James, Helen Vincent, Joseph Marshall, and Lisa Otty
Pagination32 p.

What are the particular challenges involved in staging exhibitions of books, manuscripts and other written materials? What, too, are the possibilities? While such exhibitions might not be inherently more difficult to curate than any other kind, there are some features and aspects of the written word that add a unique slant to the generic demands and objectives curators encounter. The exhibition of books and manuscripts often also engages or connects with specialist academic expertise – but those specialists are not always attuned to the principal pressures, demands and possibilities of curatorial work. This document arises from the experience of professional collaboration on exhibitions between academic specialists and curators, and from a consequent recognition that those practically or prospectively involved in curating exhibitions of the written word, whatever their professional background and experience, might find a discussion of the issues and contexts helpful.

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  • 20-04-2012