The objectives of the Flanders Heritage Library are clearly outlined in article 40.2 of the Cultural Heritage Decree of the Flemish community. These same goals are included in the articles of association of the Flanders Heritage Library:

  • To harmonise collection development policies between partner libraries, based on collection subjects and priorities
  • To develop a common collection policy for 'Flandrica', particularly for publications of importance to Flanders from a cultural or historical point of view or because of their heritage value; in relation to the former, investigate the possibilities for organising a supplemental regional legal depot
  • To develop expertise and build competence in the area of preservation of heritage collections
  • To catalogue heritage collections and to develop expertise around metadata and standards for heritage collections
  • To digitize heritage collections
  • To create a solution for the long term preservation and access for digitized and born-digital heritage collections
  • To organise and participate in communication initiatives to raise public awareness of the heritage libraries in Flanders and to develop competence in the area of community communication

These long-term objectives cannot be realised within a single policy period. Multiple policy periods will be needed for the Flanders Heritage Library and the entire sector to take a clear position in Flanders and the international professional networks. Therefore, a step-by-step approach is taken and during the first policy period of the Flanders Heritage Library (2009-2012), the emphasis is on identifying collections, needs and requirements in more detail.

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