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Sustainability in conservation practice | Documentatie | 29-08-2011

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de Silva, Megan, and Jane Henderson. "Sustainability in conservation practice." Journal of the Institute of Conservation 34, no. 1 (2011): 5-15.

Recently there has been an increased awareness amongst conservators of a need for environmental sustainability and progress has been made towards this goal. Many institutions use carbon footprint as a measure of carbon emissions and a means to define and maintain their environmental impact. This article identifies a number of simple immediate...

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The power of knowledge. Phase 2. RLUK Strategic Plan - 2011-2014 | Documentatie | 29-08-2011

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This second strategic plan outlines our strategy for the period 2011-14. The funding and policy environment in the UK is in the midst of significant change, and research libraries are facing the challenges of reduced funding, increased competition, and wider and more diverse audiences. Our approach to meeting these pressures is to build...

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