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Short Title Catalogue Flanders (STCV) | Dossierpagina | 06-03-2012

Logo Short Title Catalogus VlaanderenSince 2000, the STCV. Bibliography of the Hand Press Book in Flanders (STCV: Short Title Catalogue Vlaanderen) project is developing an online database with extensive bibliographical descriptions of editions printed in present-day Flanders before 1801.

A brochure in English provides basic information about the database. An extensive project description is available in Dutch.

At present (1 March 2023), the database contains 28,315 descriptions based on 55,416 copies from various important heritage collections, mainly in Flanders, Belgium.

Our Facebook page and Twitter account provide summary updates about the project in English.

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The Bibliography of the Hand Print Book in Flanders and Brussels. Short Title Catalogue Flanders | Documentatie | 24-01-2012

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Leaflet about the Short Title Catalogue Flanders (STCV).


Changing our textual minds. Towards a digital order of knowledge | Documentatie | 20-01-2012

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In het boek 'Changing our textual minds: towards a digital order of knowledge' onderzoekt professor Adriaan van der Weel welke invloed de digitalisering van het boek heeft op de manier waarop kennis wordt overgedragen. De studie is kosteloos te downloaden. Hoewel het ebook al 40 jaar bestaat is er nog maar weinig wetenschappelijk onderzoek...

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The Book of Books. 500 Years of Graphic Innovation | Documentatie | 30-07-2012

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The Book of Books. 500 Years of Graphic Innovation, Edited by Matieu Lommen. London: Thames & Hudson, 2012.

The book has been the number one information carrier for many centuries, even in the digital age, books continue to sell and continue to be objects of desire. The Book of Books describes and, above all, demonstrates the visual history of the printed book, with graphic milestones and other surprising finds drawn from the University of Amsterdam's...


Netherlandish Books. Books Published in the Low Countries and Dutch Books Printed Abroad before 1601 | Documentatie | 28-08-2012

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Netherlandish Books. Books Published in the Low Countries and Dutch Books Printed Abroad before 1601, Edited by Andrew Pettegree and Malcolm Walsby. Leiden: Bril, 2011.

Netherlandish Books offers a unique overview of what was printed during the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries in the Low Countries. This bibliography lists descriptions of over 32,000 editions together with bibliographical references, an introduction and indexes. It draws on the analysis of collections situated in libraries throughout the world....


Festive Presentation of 'Flandrica.be' | Agendabericht | 16-10-2012

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Flanders Heritage Library and the KU Leuven University Library cordially invite you to the Festive Presentation of Flandrica.be on Thursday 15 November 2012 in the Grand Reading Room of the Central Library of the KU Leuven. This presentation will be attended by the Flemish minister of Culture, Joke Schauvliege.

Flandria.be is a new portal site, providing access to digitized books, manuscripts, newspapers, engravings and other materials from six heritage libraries in Flanders, Belgium.

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