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Miræus Lecture 'The British Country House Library' (Marc Purcell) | Agendabericht | 16-01-2013

Library of Blickling Hall

It is well known that great aristocratic houses all over Europe once contained magnificent libraries. What is less well known - at least in Continental Europe - is that many hundreds of these libraries still exist in historic houses all over England, Scotland and Wales. Over 300,000 books survive in more than 150 libraries and are in the care of the National Trust, despite the name not a government body, but a private charity established in the late nineteenth century. Others belong to smaller private foundations, and others still have remained in private ownership. read more

Making the most of funding opportunities for preservation and conservation projects | Documentatie | 06-02-2013

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Bell, Nancy. Making the most of funding opportunities for preservation and conservation projects. Tweede, herziene editie ed. London: Preservation Advisory Centre, 2013.

Het opstarten van preservatie- en conservatie-projecten in archieven en bewaarbibliotheken kan een zeer dure klus zijn. Extra middelen zijn dan ook meer dan welkom. Maar hoe begin je daaraan? Welke elementen mag je zeker niet over het hoofd zien? En hoe 'verkoop' je je aanvraag? Dit boekje biedt handige tips om extra financieringskansen optimaal...

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Paper Conservation: Decisions & Compromises | Documentatie | 22-04-2013

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Watteeuw, Lieve, and Christa Hofmann. "Paper Conservation: Decisions & Compromises." In Paper Conservation: Decisions & Compromises. Nationale Bibliotheek Oostenrijk, Wenen: ICOM-CC, 2013.

The Interim Meeting of the Working Group Graphic Documents in Vienna (17 - 19 April 2013) on the theme Paper Conservation: Decision & Compromise, provides a forum for the broad spectrum of activities the professional community is developing. Ever increasing competences are demanded of paper-, library-, archive- and print conservators by, on the...

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