Technical Guidelines for Digital Cultural Content Creation Programmes

TitelTechnical Guidelines for Digital Cultural Content Creation Programmes
Redacteur reeksFernie, Kate, Giuliana De Francesco, and David Dawson
InstituutMINERVA eC Project
SamenvattingThese Technical Guidelines have been prepared for the MINERVA project in the context of a series of European and national initiatives in recent years to make digital content in Europe more accessible, usable and exploitable. The broader context is the European Commission’s i2010 Digital Libraries initiative, which has as one of its objectives the creation of a European Digital Library aiming to make millions of digital objects easily accessible to all European citizens. Across Europe, international, national, regional and local initiatives are investing significant public and private sector funds in digitisation. The motivations and drivers for these initiatives vary widely but typically all funding programmes aim to maximise their impact by requiring that the digital content produced is as widely useful, portable and durable as possible. Such ‘interoperability’ requires consistency of approach to the creation, management and delivery of digital resources through the effective use of standards, the rules and good practice guidelines. This document is intended as a resource for policy-makers, for those implementing funding programmes for the creation of digital cultural content and for those managing digitisation projects. Based on a life-cycle approach to the digitisation process, it seeks to provide guidelines for the use of technical standards and identifies areas where there is already a commonality of approach.
ToelichtingTable of Content: - Projects and Planning - Preparing for the digitisation proces - Storage and Management of the Digital Master Material - Metadata, standards and resource discovery - Publishing on the Web - Delivery formats - Reuse and Re-purposing - Intellectual Property Rights, Copyright, Licencing and Sustainability
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  • 11-03-2011