Conferentie ‘The Science of Objects and Collections’

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De British Library organiseert in op 11 april 2011 een conferentie over conserveringsonderzoek onder de titel 'The Science of Objects and Collections'. De voertaal van de conferentie is Engels.

The conference will explore two linked themes: understanding the nature of objects, and understanding the nature of collections.  What can we learn about the behaviour of whole collections by studying individual objects, and what can we learn about individual objects by studying whole collections? 

Topics to be covered include the use of spectroscopy and multi-spectral imaging to reveal more about the nature of objects, statistical methods for understanding the nature of collections, and the influences of the environment on collections. 

Meer informatie vindt u op de website van de British Library.




  • Introduction. Barry Knight, Head of Conservation Research, The British Library
  • Conservation research at The British Library. Barry Knight, Head of Conservation Research, The British Library
  • Applications of spectroscopy in conservation research. Paul Garside, Conservation Scientist, The British Library
  • Research on parchment conservation, Mariluz Beltran de Guevara, Conservator, The British Library
  • Understanding the effects of temperature and RH on parchment condition. Lee Gonzalez, Research Fellow, The National Archives
  • Identifying diverse materials in library collections, Lesley Hanson, Conservator, The British Library
  • The 'Heritage Smells' project. Lorraine Gibson, Senior Lecturer, University of Strathclyde
  • Non-invasive spectral imaging for identification and assessment of conservation materials, treatments and environment. Fenella France, Preservation Research Program Liaison, Library of Congress


  • Integrated modelling: the demography of collections, Matija Strlic, Senior Lecturer, UCL Centre for Sustainable Heritage
  • Influence of the environment on collections in mass storage. Ami Pass, PhD student, University of Lincoln
  • Energy efficiency of mass storage. Patrick Dixon, Head of Building Services, The British Library
  • Understanding the environment in an archive store. Kostas Ntanos, Head of Conservation Research and Development, The National Archives
  • Developing standards for the environment. Nancy Bell, Head of Collection Care, The National Archives
  • The Identical Books Project and after. Velson Horie, Collection Care and Conservation Consultant
  • Conclusions. Caroline Brazier, Director of Scholarship & Collections, The British Library
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  • 22-02-2011
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  • David Coppoolse (Vlaamse Erfgoedbibliotheken)