Conferentie 'Climate for Collections: Standards and Uncertainties'

Climate for Collections: Standards and Uncertainties

Van 7 tot 9 november gaat in het Doerner Institut te Munchen de conferentie 'Climate for Collections' door. Deze conferentie vormt een onderdeel van het door de Europese Commissie gesponsorde onderzoeksproject 'Climate for Culture'.

Climate for collections

Selected by a Technical Committee of international specialists, a lively programme of presentations and discussions has been organised. The contributions cover the past and future development of environmental standards, the latest scientific research on materials response, in situ observations of the interaction of historic objects with climate, and methods of environmental control, past, present and future. This will will offer a platform for discussions by conservators, curators, conservation scientists, archivists, registrars, climate engineers, architects, building engineers, decision makers in the cultural field and many more.

The conference will be the opportunity to discuss current concerns and questions about environmental standards. Should standards for environmental control become more or less restrictive than the currently accepted international norm? Does predicted climate change necessitate changes in environmental standards? Do arguments about energy costs and sustainability necessitate such changes? Does scientific research, using physical and computer models, reflect the behaviour of real objects? Can surveys of real objects in real environments be used to determine realistic environmental standards? This debate will lead to greater understanding of the factors to be balanced if we are to sustain the mission to save cultural heritage for future generations.

Meer informatie vindt u op de website van het Doerner Institut.

07-11-2012 - 09-11-2012
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